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Direct Farm Manitoba successfully supports MCP appeal

- by Leanne Fenez

Media Release:

Direct Farm Manitoba coordinated and supported the appeal of three specialty producers who were affected by transition to a new, more limited, specialty chicken quota system. Direct Farm Manitoba is pleased with the ruling of the Manitoba Farm Products Council which orders Manitoba Chicken Producers to suspend the Additional Administration Charge for 10 years.

The new Annual Specialty Quota Program penalized specialty producers who have been producing more than the new 30,000 kg limit.

The Council found the transitional provisions of the new policy were unreasonable since Manitoba Chicken failed to...

"properly consider the effect of transitional provisions in the new policy on affected producers;"

"adequately recognize the time these affected producers had spent building their businesses;"

"acknowledged the economic risk that these producers had borne, and continue to bear, outside of the supply managed system developing their markets:"

"provide an adequate rationale for either the amount or the need for an administration charge:"

The Council was "concerned that if the Appellants and like producers of more then 30,000 kg of specially chicken were to withdraw" that those "prospective specialty markets would be under served".

While there is still much work to do on behalf of Manitoba's direct marketing farmers, we are pleased with this initial success.